My Kya

This is Kya. She is my first and (so far) only dog and has been with me through a lot. About one month ago, almost 8 years to the day after we got her, she got out of the backyard when my dad let her out go the bathroom and hasn't been seen since. She is probably the closest living thing that I’ve lost so far in my life and to be honest I haven’t lost very many people or pets in general so it’s been hard. I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that I probably won’t see her again so I wanted to write some of my memories about her.

When I was 18 I was struggling a lot with depression, anxiety and crohn's. My doctor suggested I get a dog to help. There was an adoption event happening the next day with dogs that were displaced after some fires in Southern California so my mom and I decided to go and get a feel for what would be a good fit for us. We got there at the very end so there wasn't many dogs and almost all were chihuahua. We told the volunteer that because we had never had a dog we wanted one that was trained. I had always loved toto and was leaning towards a terrier. We also ideally wanted one that didn't shed or bark much. She said she had the perfect dog and showed us Kya (I think they were calling her Lauren). She was a two year old stray who had recently has puppies. Now you should know, my dad has never been a pet person and told us when we left we better not bring one home and that was the plan but it was love at first site for my mom and I! Once we saw her she was everything we wanted and it felt like it was meant to be, so against my dad's wishes, we decided to adopt her. My dad was not happy but after a few months warmed up to her a bit more. He never admits it but I think he really enjoyed her. Because of my dad and the fact that we never had a dog it took us a couple weeks to decide for sure to keep her but once we decided we went with the name Kya because we didn’t want a name that was too fluffy or girly.

She was a silly, attention seeking, territorial, smart girl. She was very clingy to my parents and I and could be a little timide with new people. She was a free adventurous spirit that always loved to check out (and mark) new things but never went too far. She would get jealous if we were getting too close or lovey each other or our other pets. She was a beggar and loved to get food. She didn’t do anything she didn’t want to do. She was good friends with our cat Peachy. She would often hump, play and cuddle with her. She was very territorial and barked whenever anyone new came by. She could tell when I was sad and could instantly make me feel better.

2014 was my first year at BYU so my parents decided to come to Utah to celebrate Christmas and brought her along. About a week and a half it was New Year's Eve and we decided to see a movie in Salt Lake and left her with my uncle. While we were gone, he opened the front door and she ran off. This happened periodically at our house but we had learned that she just liked to check things out and come back. If we chased her she went farther but if we just let her do her thing she would eventually come back. Obviously my uncle didn’t know that and started following her and trying to catch her which made her go farther. By the time we got back she had been gone for a few hours and it was almost dark. We searched for hours but couldn't find her. It was below freezing and a place she hadn’t been before so after two days of searching my parents headed back to Washington. Once they were about 5 hours from home and I was back in school we got a call that she showed back up like nothing has happened. Other than being a little lethargic she was great! I couldn’t have been happier.

The fact that this happened a few years ago made me think that she would come back this time as well but she hasn’t. Because of school and then moving to L.A., I haven’t seen her in almost a year and haven’t lived with her in about 3 which is something I regret.

Though she did have her negative qualities and taking care of a dog had it’s drawbacks, I wouldn’t change it. She brought so much joy to my life and I don’t think I wouldn’t have been able to get through without her.