1 Month in L.A.

It's been a month since I moved to Los Angeles (2 days after finishing school) and what a month it's been! 

  • Had to go to the DMV 4 times but finally got my license and car registered 
  • Saw 6 different doctors and over 10 appointments
  • Adopted a cat
  • Went to 4 different movie theaters (Arclight Hollywood, Landmark, Vintage Los Feliz, Century City Cinemark)
  • Toured 4 different production offices (Elastic, Viacom, Disney TV, Refinery29)
  • Ate lunch, talked on the phone, or emailed 10+ editors doing what I want to do
  • Saw a movie projected on film for the first time in years (70mm in the Cinerama)
  • Went to a test screening and participated in a focus group
  • Had my first celebrity sighting
  • Got a job as a Post Intern at Refinery29

It hasn’t been easy but I feel so good about being here. Everyone is so nice and willing to help you out. I feel at home and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.