Top 10 Fun Facts About Me

  1. "Rode" on a turtle in Hawaii on Christmas when I was two years old
  2. At age three I had over 100 stitches on her face and 80 on butt
  3. My first crush was Justin Timberlake during his NSYNC days
  4. Won a trip to Hawaii for my family while at the Zoo
  5. Chose to be a vegetarian at age 10 because I didn't want to hurt animals
  6. Spent 80hrs over Christmas creating a stop motion barbie video which got me thinking about film as a career
  7. Had my entire large intestine was removed and spent my 16th birthday in the hospital waiting for surgery
  8. Went to Disney World for my 21st birthday with my parents a couple weeks after graduating high school
  9. Spent 3 hours getting a stray, scared kitten out from inside a car engine and it wasn't the first time I rescued a stray
  10. I am obsessed with personality tests/signs