One Year

It's official, I've been living in Los Angeles for a year! It seems like so much longer in someway and so much shorter in others. Like any year (especially one of big changes) there has been ups and downs. I started working full time, worked more than ever, have been able to stay on my parents insurance even though I’m over 26, have saved over $10,000 and invested it, Kya went missing, had to move, done things I’ve always wanted to, started volunteering and working with animals again, lost a friend but gained others, made steps forward and back with my health, listened to, met and worked with awesome artists and had experiences I wouldn’t any other place. It has been lonelier and more confusing than I hoped but that’s also aloud me to do more soul searching. believe me I still have a lot I want to accomplish and things to improve but I'm farther along the path then I was 365 days ago.