More Than Skin Deep

A few weeks ago I was able to walk through Lower Antelope Canyon in Page Arizona. It was one of the most stunning places I have ever been. The colors are gorgeous and the organic shapes are breathtaking.

When we climbed back up to the top at the end, we looked back at where we had just been. From the top you could only see a crack in the ground. Though it was still pretty from the top it was nowhere near as beautiful as the slot canyon below.

In our society, looks are what people see first and often there is strong emphasis on it. As someone who doesn’t have a great self image, this sucks! Sometimes it feels like they don’t take the chance to get to know you and instead judge me by appearance (especially with boys my age). Though I try not to, the truth is, I do the same and I hate that.

Over the past few weeks, I have been binging the MTV show Catfish which is about people who form online (normally romantic) relationships. Each episode is an investigation into if the participants are legitimate or if one is a “catfish” (which is a person using fake pictures and/or information on social media).

Often the participants say this is the most meaningful/close relationship they have been in but when lying is involved, it doesn’t end happily ever after. Usually the person getting lied to is very upset and rightly so. The hosts always talk to the catfisher after to get their side of the story which allows everyone to see their true self. So many of the catfishers say they use fake pictures of “attractive” people because they didn’t think someone would talk to them if they knew what they really looked like which no one should feel like.

We need to remember that people are more than their outside. We are all complex, unique and deep. If we don’t take the time to really get to know one another, we won’t be able to experience each other's true beauty.